Natural Health

I’ve been discovering nutrients and dietary supplements for an awfully very long time and I’ve discovered quite a bit. I’ve used various completely different nutrients and dietary supplements and understand higher than any individual that discovering one thing that works will also be tough and even irritating.

There are plenty of issues you need to think about if you end up in search of top of the range nutrients and dietary supplements. It’s important to have a look at the formula, the supply, the standard of the substances and so forth.

This can be a giant process, which places many individuals off from shopping for dietary dietary supplements within the first situation. It’s unlucky as a result of many these days are poor in multiple nutrient, which has been confirmed to result in well being issues within the lengthytime period.

With all that stated, I’ve put collectively three easy pointers and steps which you could take when you find yourself searching for the Best vitamins and supplements. These are very straightforward to make use of to identify a just right firm or complement.

1. Consumer reinforce is one thing that each firm has, however you additionally need the reinforce to be caring and truly seem out in your pursuits. Many firms outsource to India. I’m not bashing Indians, it’s only that the make stronger is low-high quality on account of the disconnect that occurs. Seem for a corporation that has GREAT purchaser give a boost to.

2. Time in trade is a metric I admire to have a look at that many individuals aren’t privy to. I cherish to do industry with corporations which were making dietary supplements for over 5 years. Over 10 years can be top. That is additionally a just right way to steer clear of being scammed.

three. Pure nutrition are the one ones that you wish to have. There are artificial varieties of virtually each nutrient in the market, however they’re nowhere close to as efficient and advisable to your physique. Pure nutrients can be blended collectively to create synergistic results, which reinforces the well being advantages much more.

When you are desirous about finding out the secrets and techniques of discovering the most effective pure multivitamin and dramatically making improvements to your well being, consult with my web page, the place I share what merchandise I in my opinion use for immediate, protected and efficient outcomes.

Many people have skin which is extremely dry. However, they make a common mistake of thinking that this is their skin’s natural disposition. They don’t take any measures to control the dryness of their skin and therefore keep suffering from dryness and itchiness. It is very important to know the kind of skin type that you have, as this will help you in treating it accordingly. Take the help of health magazines, internet forums, friends and family to ascertain the skin type which you have. There are many ways in which you can tackle the naturally dry skin. This does not involve any chemical products and their side effects, and some potential solutions are discussed below.

Avoid taking long baths: If you suffer from dry skin, avoid taking very long and hot baths. Take a quick 15 minute bath and allow your skin to dry. Do not rub your skin as it can cause rashes on it. Also use a moisturizer when your skin is a little moist after a bath as it will help in locking the moisture better in the pores.

Use very mild cleansers: Use gentle cleansers and soap for washing. Avoid any product which have fragrances, alcohol and parabens in it. This may cause your skin to dry up all the more. The harsh chemicals present in very strong products can damage the health of the skin in the long term if used too often. So you should use soaps made with natural ingredients.

Use natural oils: Oils such as olive oil, Jojoba oil or coconut oil should be massaged onto your skin. Dry skin can absorb these oils as they have very small molecules. These oils also help in making your skin softer and suppler. Other natural products such as Cynergy TK are also helpful. Cynergy TK is also responsible for the production of keratin in your skin as well as brightening the overall tone of your skin.
Therefore, you can use any of these above given natural products to treat your dry skin. Do not be careless and do not ignore your skin. It can cause you a lot of needless discomfort in the long run.

Milk: Milk has anti-inflammatory properties which can help dry and scaly skin. The lactic acid present in milk exfoliates the dead skin and act as moisturizer by retaining moisture.

Not many like exercising although everyone knows of its benefits. If only there was an ‘exercise pill’ which one could just pop into the mouth, and all the exercise we need for the day is done with that pill, how glorious that would be. But since in reality, there is no such pill, we will need to resort to the good old fashion way – physical exercise.

With all our technology and wisdom, we have not found the fountain of life, or discovered the longevity pill, but we can certainly pave or determine our own destiny for our lives through a healthy lifestyle; and that includes exercising – regularly.

Sources of Motivation
We are actually spoilt for choice when it comes to the types and ways to exercise and gain good health. There are public bike and jogging paths and recreational parks around every community in our nation that you don’t have the excuse of not finding a conducive and natural environment for exercising. You can also note numerous health clubs and fitness centers that offer the latest recreational facilities with lots of incentives and social interactions to keep you from being bored.

If you are not the ‘exercising’ type as some may proclaim, then consider sports activities like tennis, badminton, football, golf, basketball, squash and a whole load of other game sports that you and your friends can engage in; take it more of a social gathering than exercising. If you are not the ‘sporty’ type, there is still the dance category where you can pick up a dance style which is a skill and a good form of exercising, or aerobics if you like some music to get your body into shape.
If all else fails, consider martial arts like kung fu or karate which is a form of self-defense. That should come in handy, especially if you are a female. It is worth protecting yourself in the big concrete jungle of today with the ailing economy.

The bottom line is that there are so many ways you can choose to exercise that there is really no excuse not to exercise. Even gardening and household chores can be a good form of exercising. In today’s world population, there are many who are overweight and not doing much about it.

Benefits of Exercising
As one would already know, exercising has many benefits; one of the main benefits is good health. A healthy body enables you to do a lot of other things that you want to do. Another benefit of exercising regularly is to enjoy a better physique; nobody says no to that. Other benefits include better rests, less stress, strong heart and bones, better skin condition and higher self-esteem.

Do you see hair on your pillow each time you get up in the morning? If so, you have a hair loss problem. Below are some hair care tips that can help you prevent hair loss.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most effective natural treatments for hair loss. By applying coconut oil on your head, you can improve your hair growth. The oil provides the required moisture and removes impurities.


Amla is rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants. So, this can treat a lot of health issues. You can prepare a solution by breaking an Amla or you can use Amla powder as well. You can also crush an Amla and mix its juice with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Then you can apply the mixture on your scalp. After it gets absorbed by your scalp, you can rinse your head with lukewarm water.


Since Eggs are rich in proteins and minerals, they are an ideal choice to treat hair loss. Mix one egg white with a teaspoon of fresh olive oil and then apply this mixture to your scalp. Let the mixture stay on your head for 15 minutes and then wash it with lukewarm water.


This ancient treatment procedure improves hair growth. Another acupressure technique known as Balayam enhances circulation and triggers hair growth. You can try this natural treatment to see if it works for you.

Yoga Asanas

Popular yoga asanas, such as anulomvilom and kapalbhati may also help in preventing the hair loss. According to experts, these asanas work by cleansing our system to reopen the pores and improve blood circulation.


For better hair growth, you may want to eat a better diet. You need protein for stimulating hair growth. Aside from this, foods, such as milk, cheese, beans, fish and grains should be part of your healthy diet.


The deficiency of iron in your body may cause hair loss. To provide your body with iron, you should eat dal, soybeans, spinach, chicken, red kidney beans, eggs, meat and fish, just to name a few.

Cover Your Head

Excessive exposure to heat, humidity, dust and pollution can cause hair loss. Therefore, you should cover your head when going outside in summer.


According to Dr Blossom Kochchar, if you have a hair loss problem, you should mix equal amount of sweet almond oil and castor oil and then massage your scalp with the solution. You can use a cotton ball to put it on your head.

Other hair care tips

You should not make it a habit to straighten your hair on a regular basis. Besides, you should avoid blow drying or coloring your hair every other day. This can help you prevent hair loss to a great extent.

So, if you are on the lookout of some effective natural treatments to prevent hair loss, you can try the 10 treatments we have explained above. These natural treatments can be done without any problem and you won’t need to worry about the side effects either.

By now most people know that your thoughts and emotions can create good or ill health. Your body responds to the vibration of your thoughts and emotions. As it does so, it reflects back to you in its own language what you’re sending out or radiating in the energetic form of thoughts. For example, fear of financial security usually manifests in the body as lower back ailments.

Your body isn’t the only thing that responds to the energy of your thoughts. Your home also reflects the energy that you’re emitting with your thoughts and your emotions.

You’ve no doubt had the experience of entering someone’s home and immediately felt either very comfortable or very ill at ease. What you sensed is the energy of the inhabitants which has been absorbed by the house.

This energy remains long after the inhabitants have moved from the house. For examples, the last three houses that my husband and I have purchased all had negative energy. Two of them had been occupied by drug users.The other house had been owned and lived in for years by a man who can only be described as a very angry curmudgeon.

The good news is that the energy of any building can be changed with a little work. There are certain things I’ve found that are very effective in shifting the energy of a house from dark, negative to light, bright, and happy. Using these techniques, I was able to shift the energy of all three houses to light and cheery energy.

Here are some of the techniques I used:

Cleaning. This sounds like a no-brainer, but you would be amazed at how much difference deep cleaning can make in the energy of a house. After we’d purchased an abused house a few years ago, a friend came to help me do some cleaning on it before we moved in. She chose to clean the disgustingly filthy kitchen. At one point she remarked that she wouldn’t tell me what she was finding in certain drawers because I’d never want to use them. When she got done we stood back to admire her work and we both saw a HUGE Cheshire cat-type grin hanging mid-air in the kitchen. The house was already on its way to becoming a happy house!

Painting. Another version of cleaning as a method of energy clearing, painting does much to raise the energy of a home. A fresh coat of paint on the interior freshens up the energy and as a bonus, it lasts longer than cleaning. Sometimes just changing the color makes a whole lot of difference. I use a low-gloss enamel which reflects the light just a bit, bringing even more light into the rooms. One house we bought had the exterior painted an ugly institutional green. After I painted it a warm beige with white trim all the neighbors said it looked larger. One said that before I painted it, the house was ashamed of how it looked and was shrinking to hide itself, but now it was beautiful and it was jutting its chest out in pride!

Feng Shui. This ancient Oriental directs the energy flow within a home so that it’s most beneficial. The most simple method is to just clear the clutter to allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the home. A simple method I like to use is to pretend like you’re a gentle breeze and enter your home through the front door. Notice how you want to move, if you’re split in certain places, and if there are dead ends where you just stop. An excellent book on this is Sacred Space by Denise Linn.

Beauty. Bring into your home the things that you find beautiful and that bring you joy. Not only will they raise your energy, they’ll raise the energy of your home as well.

Music and other sounds. Just as certain types of music affect you differently, they also affect your house. The same is true of anything that emits sound – TV, computers, animals, machinery. Pay attention to the sounds within and around your house and how those sounds affect you. They’re affecting your house, too, and in the same way.

Crystals and healing stones. You will find crystals in every room in my house, plus I have a specific room in which I have the majority of my collection. The energy in my Crystal Room is of such high quality that people who visit are naturally drawn to that room and, once there, are loathe to leave it. There are stones and minerals that have specific qualities. For example, Hematite and Jet are excellent for absorbing lower based energies. Malachite radiates powerful healing energy. Rose Quartz emits the vibration of love.

You and the place you live are connected energetically. Raise the vibration of your home and simultaneously raise your vibration.

Kathy Wilson empowers you to create a better life for yourself using a multi-faceted approach. Your needs are unique, and the methods she uses are customized to your specific needs. As her client, you and she may use Life Purpose Coaching, spiritual mentoring and consulting, NLP, vibrational healing, PSYCH-K, Tarot, teaching… whatever is in your highest and best interests. She’s a Certified Professional Coach, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, vibrational healer, author of An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose, and has written and published many eBooks and articles.

Although hard water is not considered a threat to your health, it is not the best option for drinking water, nor is it good for your home and personal comfort. You may benefit from learning how to test your drinking water, since you can then gauge the degree of hardness in your home’s water supply and learn where you stand as far as your home’s soft water needs. It is strongly recommended to talk to a licensed plumber who specializes in water softening and purification for professional assistance you can trust. In the meantime, continue reading to learn some helpful facts about the effects of hard water.

Hard Water Defined

“Hard” water is water that contains high traces of dissolved mineral content, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, and more. These dissolved mineral ions accumulate over time in the form of scale, which is a thin white film that has several negative effects on plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances, as well as, hair, skin, nails, laundry, and dishware. But these minerals will not negatively affect your health in anyway, other than some dry, itchy skin and dingy hair. What you need to worry about is the effects on your home.

The degree of “hardness” varies on a spectrum. Water can be anywhere between marginally hard to very hard. It depends on where you live, how you obtain your water, regional soil conditions, crops, farming, and more.


Water is naturally soft when it falls to the earth in the form of rain. But once it permeates the ground and trickles through layer after layer of soil and rock, it picks up mineral contaminants as it makes it way down. This is why well water and underground water is harder than rain water. The two most common culprits are calcium and magnesium, as mentioned before.


You will be able to determine if you have a hard water problem by looking for the signs. Filmy white scum or spots on clean dishes, white film on faucets and shower doors, dingy laundry, greasy hair, poor soap lather, funny-tasting coffee and soup, metal-like odor in tap water, dry skin, and more are all tale-tell indications that your water is hard.


Install a water softener to get rid of hard water! The technology in water conditioners are extraordinary these days, and they are highly-effective at eliminating hard mineral ions at an affordable price. You can then take it a step further by installing a water purification system, such as water filters or a reverse osmosis system. Again, talk to your trusted plumber for help choosing a water softening plan for your home or office. They have the knowledge and resources to provide accurate assistance.

The best practices for anyone living with HIV and AIDS is to be health conscious. Being health conscious with HIV and AIDS means educating oneself about the virus, a nutritious low-fat diet, proper exercise, and taking the prescribed medications, all of which, I being HIV positive, am very slack on doing. To add to my lackadaisical health conscious attitude I am also a cigarette smoker, which is a huge no, no even without a detrimental health condition.

One reason I decided to be lax in taking my HIV medications is because one of the side effects of those medications is erectile dysfunction. But far more than the HIV medications the psychological impact of being HIV positive has turned me into a eunuch because of the ever-present awareness of my illness and the negative consequences that it may have on an innocent woman.

In other words, my genitals have effectively been removed since my dream and my desire for having a loving, caring relationship with a woman has been extinguished by the anxiety that I feel in being a carrier of this hideous virus. Thus, my diligence to be health conscious has been compromised by the feeling that my life, at least a wholesome life, was brought to a disgraceful, and a deserving end when I was diagnosed as being HIV positive.

Now this feeling of being a sub-human because of being HIV positive may well be a case of being too willing to sit on the pity pot and committing suicide by proxy, but what the hell no one lives forever.

My cigarette habit is not only a health-conscious issue but also one that makes me feel like I am a weak-minded person who has allowed himself to be placed under the control of a ragweed. I stop smoking every so often and then start blowing smoke again. The gruesome side of my cigarette habit is that I have been isolating myself from human contact as much as possible for the past number of years and cigarettes have become a murderous companion to ease the loneliness.

Just for today, I am clean and sober and have been so for twenty years since I stopped using crack cocaine. I am not saying that smoking cigarettes are a harder habit to break than drugs or alcohol, but I was younger when I stopped using drugs and saw some daylight ahead of me and had not compounded my health problem with an avalanche of bad choices and decisions that have made me feel even more inadequate and stupid, and less energized to pursue a vigorous health conscious agenda.

Anyone who has allowed themselves to start thinking as I have I would strongly suggest that they cut it out now. Being HIV or AIDS positive is not the end of life but is only one of our lives many challenges that must be faced and successfully managed

I am now old and ugly so for me the bridge has already fallen into the creek and sunk to the bottom, but a young person who is HIV or AIDS positive should live their life to the fullest and work to find a cure for the HIV and AIDS virus, or I should say, make those who have the cure for the HIV and AIDS virus release it.

Being health conscious does not only apply to someone who has an illness but to everyone who wants to be as mentally and physically sound as possible during this fleeting span of time of terrestrial existence.

For a person who is HIV or AIDS positive being health conscious also means being health conscious of others. I do not recommend self-imposed isolation as a method of containment but I do suggest that being very thoughtful and considerate of others is a workable approach to the containment of the HIV and AIDS virus.

I have done and said things during my life that I feel are deserving of death, so for me to be an animated cadaver is a fitting and just punishment for me. I detest being HIV positive. I abhor being a lethal weapon because of the blood that is coursing through my veins.

I hate that when I see a nice-looking woman my loathsome virus makes me speechless and immobile. I am ashamed of smoking cigarettes, which is why I do it as discretely as I can in public, but my clock has only a few more ticks left in it and if all goes well I will die before my murderous smoky companion kills me with a slow agonizing death.

Being health conscious is not merely a good thing to do but is a necessity if one has a desire to be mentally and physically strong and energetic. A person can allow themselves to fall into a sense of depression and quasi-hopelessness but at the end of the day, the day has come to an end, and life is too fragile and fleeting to waste a moment of it in anger and self-pity.