I No Longer Wear Hats to Cover My Scalp

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Unless you have thinning hair, it is hard to understand just how devastating it can be to a woman who is losing her hair. This is especially true when that woman’s hair used to be thick. That is the position that I found myself in these last few years, and I really thought that there was nothing that could be done about it. I had no idea that a product called Folliform is on the market, and it is available without any kind of prescription too. It is a pill that is taken once a day, and it really does help hair to regrow.

I realize that it may not work for everyone, but it has done miracles for my own hair. It had gotten to the point where I started to wear a hat whenever I could because so much of my scalp could be seen. My dermatologist told me that this was because my hair was getting thinner rather than a baldness issue. Since my hair is not as thick as it used to be, then it would just make sense that my scalp would start to show more.

When I found out about these pills, I ordered two bottles without even considering if they would work or not. I just cared if they were safe to take, which they are. I also liked the reviews that I had read on them, which is why I was wanting to try them as quickly as possible. I wish I could say that they worked within days of taking them, but it did take weeks before I noticed a difference. I am extremely patient though, and that paid off. By the time I had finished my second bottle, my scalp was still noticeable but not nearly as much. I am on my fifth bottle now, and I no longer wear hats!