Green and Growing For Health & Well-Being

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I wrote earlier messages on the stress and the importance of mining. Their budget add plants, you can reduce the stress that may occur. Studies have shown that the ability to see that the green in the indoor environment can reduce stress in minutes. A green plant in your field of vision is much better, your level of stress, the soothing with caffeine, to calm down food or alcohol.

During photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and oxygen version that can improve air quality. The night stops during photosynthesis, most plants use the script, intake of oxygen and carbon dioxide release. However, there are some plants that night release oxygen, which can help to preserve air quality, to improve the quality of sleep and reduce insomnia. Plants that have this property include orchids, succulents, such as Aloe Vera, jade or Christmas Cactus plants and bromeliads.

Houseplants can help to increase the development and creativity, by your attention directed to relax and renew. Note, that if you’re out in the Park, your senses are stimulated and engaged with the trees, leaves or flowers. There to capture your attention without effort or not Channelized, attention focused attention, which serves these plants, focusing on certain tasks relaxed and rested. The market, plants and flowers in the double experience allows drew attention to renew. Studies show that the tasks in the calming effect of nature better and more accurate, what higher quality of results.

In addition, it was found that the plants in the rooms of the patients have a positive effect on the health and well-being of the patient. Researchers at Kansas State University found that patients in rooms with plants were a faster recovery than those rooms without them. Compared patients with plants in their rooms, less fatigue were including in the rooms without plants, and anxious, asked fewer painkillers, low blood pressure and heart rate and earlier from the hospital.

There are many advantages for your interior, add green plants. The plants are easy to find, available in many varieties and an excellent value for the benefits that they offer. Choose the best options for your location and the flora of the spectrum of care can be the biggest challenge. My first choice is a Floridian Peace Lily. The name is program – it is reassuring and attractive while looking at the white flower of bursting the dark leaves; You can not help but think soothing thoughts.

Take: Add something green and growing on the decoration of your House. The simple addition of houseplants promotes health and well being of life.